What Should You Consider When Leasing Land with a Conservation Easement in Place?

episode 6

Image includes photo of Mayhah Suri and Paul Goeringer.  Photo is by Edwin Remsberg

Farmland in Maryland may contain a conservation easement over the property.  Conservation easements limit the use of the property forever.  Leasing farmland with a conservation easement on it may create special issues for landowners who have never leased farmland before.

This episode highlights a recently developed publication by Mayhah Suri and Paul Goeringer discussing leasing farmland with a conservation easement in place.  Mayhah joins Paul to highlight what landowners and tenants should consider when developing a farmland lease on preserved farmland.

If you have questions, contact Mayhah at msuri1@umd.edu or 301-405-9576.  You can contact Paul atlgoering@umd.edu or tweet me at @aglawPaul.  Feel free to send thoughts on other podcasts to me as well.

Resources discussed in this episode:

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