Tools Available to Help Set Rental Rates on Farmland


Photo by Edwin Remsberg.  Photo of hand writing notes at table

With lower crop prices projected to continue for a while, many of you might be renegotiating cash rent or might be a beginning farmer leasing farmland for the first time and curious about tools to help you understand an appropriate rental rate for your situation.  In this episode, Paul discusses tools available to help you develop a fair rental rate for you. Continue reading

What Should You Consider When Leasing Land with a Conservation Easement in Place?

episode 6

Image includes photo of Mayhah Suri and Paul Goeringer.  Photo is by Edwin Remsberg

Farmland in Maryland may contain a conservation easement over the property.  Conservation easements limit the use of the property forever.  Leasing farmland with a conservation easement on it may create special issues for landowners who have never leased farmland before. Continue reading

Episode 2: Lease Notice of Termination

Episode 2

Image includes photo of Paul Goeringer.  Image by Edwin Remsberg

Welcome to Episode 2 where Paul discusses giving the notice to terminate your farmland lease in Maryland and Delaware.  Depending on the language of the lease or state law, you will need to give timely notice to terminate.  Resources do exist to help you (discussed in podcast). Continue reading