What Makes an Ag Lease an Ag Lease?


Photo by Edwin Remsberg.  Photo is of foal on UMD campus

In this episode, Paul discusses a recent court decision, Porter v. Harden, №15–0683, 2017 WL 942845 (Mar. 10, 2017).  In this decision, the Iowa Supreme Court looks at does one horse create a farmland lease?  This decision provides a lot of insight for parties looking to rent farmland and how to make sure the lease provides the protections many states give to farmland leases. Continue reading

Episode 2: Lease Notice of Termination

Episode 2

Image includes photo of Paul Goeringer.  Image by Edwin Remsberg

Welcome to Episode 2 where Paul discusses giving the notice to terminate your farmland lease in Maryland and Delaware.  Depending on the language of the lease or state law, you will need to give timely notice to terminate.  Resources do exist to help you (discussed in podcast). Continue reading